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Svenska Distans provides a unique opportunity for everyone who wants to study the Swedish language. It’s easy to study with Svenska Distans. You need a computer and Wi-Fi. We provide licenced Swedish teachers and the materials. All courses are based on the student’s needs and previous knowledge in the Swedish language. This custom-made approach is to provide you with the best education possible. We follow the Swedish curriculum for the subject Swedish language. All courses are developed and designed by trained and experienced Swedish teachers.

Distance Education – Courses

Svenska Distans offers distance education for all ages and levels. Our courses for children work perfectly for those who want to strengthen their Swedish language skills as well as for those who want to follow the Swedish documentation for compulsory education in the subject Swedish. Our courses are based on the fact that the child has a Swedish-speaking adult nearby. This person supervises the student through the exercises with the support from Svenska Distans.
Our courses for adults follow the guidelines for SFI (Swedish for immigrants). In order to participate in any of the following courses (aside from the summer school) you are required to have access to a computer and Internet.
This is included in a course package:
• A thorough assessment
• An individual study guide
• Course literature
• Online material
• Ongoing coaching and feedback on assignments
• A certificate at completion
• A contact teacher
• Coaching for parents who assist their children
Shipping is included

Available Courses, Google Classroom

For children:
• A1 (2500 SEK + VAT), A1 is a beginner course.
• A2 (3900 SEK+ VAT), A2 is equivalent to grade 1 in Sweden.
• B1 (1250 SEK + VAT), B1 is a connecting course between A2 and B2 if required.
• B2 (3900 SEK + VAT). B2 is equivalent to grade 2 in Sweden.
• C (3900 SEK + VAT). C is equivalent to grade 3 in Sweden.
• D (3900 SEK + VAT). D is equivalent to grade 4 in Sweden.
• E (3900 SEK + VAT). E is equivalent to grade 5 in Sweden

  • F (3900 SEK+VAT). F is equivalent to grade 6 in Sweden

• Special request courses, for example the Tisus-test, grammar etc. The price varies depends on length and time.
• Crash course 8 weeks (1000SEK + VAT). Try two digital teaching materials: Espresso and Liber Lunis.

For adults:
• Adult courses follow the SFI-levels (Swedish for immigrants). Adultcourse (2900 SEK+Vat) & Adultcourse+ (4900 SEK+VAT).

We use Lunis, a digital sfi-book. In Adultcourse+ you also get one printed book or another onlinebook, for instance Rivstart.

Small Swedish package
(1400 SEK +VAT)

The small Swedish package is for parents who need some material in order to teach their own children in a simple and fun way. The package includes traditional course literature and one interactive online material. Please note, this package different from the courses above and does not include a study guide or coaching. The package will be adjusted to your child’s knowledge level.
This is included in the small Swedish package:
• One-year subscription to the digital material Espresso which also contains other school subjects such as geography and math.
• One-year subscription to online books for reading and writing development.

Summer School

Education in the Swedish language regardless of previous knowledge. Our courses are mainly for children, but we do offer adult classes as will during the summer school. The courses focus on the language but will also include some history and culture. We will work intensely with all three aspects of the language; speaking, reading and writing. The kids are still young and therefore we have chosen to have adult support during the course. The accompanying adult is responsible for the child from 5pm each day.

Dates 2024

1 juli – 5 juli Falsterbo 4-5 år, 6-12 år, 13-18 år

8 juli – 12 juli Falsterbo 4-5 år, 6-12 år, 13-18 år

15 juli – 19 juli Sigtunaskolan 4-5 år, 6-12 år

22 juli – 26 juli Sigtunaskolan 4-5 år 6-12 år

29 juli – 2 aug Båstad 4-5 år, 6-12 år, 13-18 år

29 juli – 2 aug Gotland (Toftagården) 4-5 år, 6-12 år, 13-18 år

The teachers

The classes are taught by licensed Swedish teachers who have extensive experience in teaching both Swedish children in Sweden as well as children from abroad. After the course, the student will receive a diploma and recommendations on which level they are at for future studies.

Preschool Group

We offer a preschool class in Falsterbo for children age 4-5. This group will be based on language play. This class is only half day, 9.00-12.00. The parent is responsible for the child after lunch.
We eat all meals in the dining hall. With every meal there is time for relaxation and socializing. All food I made in the restaurant’s kitchen with nutritious awareness.

Accompanying adult

The children are still young, and we have therefore chosen to have adult support during the course – No exceptions! The children will be dropped off for school at 9 am and picked up a 4.15 pm. During school hours we are responsible for the children. We also offer Swedish courses for accompanying adults.


You can choose if you want to stay at the school or find your own accommodation elsewhere. For the Sigtuna school, the students and accompanying adult stay in the rooms at the boarding school. For the Falserbo, Gotland and Båstad schools the accommodation is in a dubbleroom at the hotel.

Course Fee – Children and Teens

Price without accommodation: 5900 SEK + VAT.
The fee includes: the course, material, breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and afternoon activities. A welcome dinner or BBQ is included on the Monday night.

Price with accommodation:

Båstad 21 500 SEK + VAT
Falsterbo 12 900 SEK +VAT
Sigtuna 11900 SEK + VAT

If you are booking for more than one child with accommodation in Båstad, please contact us at for a different price.
The fee includes: the course, material, afternoon activities, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner for the student every day. For the accompanying adult, it includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner every day.

Course Fee – Preschool group

Price without accommodation: 2800 SEK + VAT
The price includes the course and lunch. You pay for this course on site the first day. If you are intrested in this course, please write this in the box “ordernoteringar” on the page where you make the payment.
Course Fee – Adult group
Price without accommodation: 2800 SEK + VAT
The fee includes the course, material and lunch.
Fee – Extra accompanying adult
Accommodation: 2800 SEK + VAT

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation, the following applies:
100 % refund for cancellations made no later than 3 months before the course starts 50 % refund for cancellations made not later than 2 months before the course starts 25 % refund for cancellations made not later than 1 month before the course starts No refund if canceled one month or less before the course starts.
For questions or registration, please contact us at or sign up directly under the link ”BUTIK” .

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