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Svenska Distans is providing a unique opportunity for all children between 6-12 years to study the Swedish language. It’s easy to study with Svenska Distans. You have a computer and an Internet access. We have professional teachers of Swedish language and the materials. All courses are based on the student’s needs, level and knowledge of the subject of Swedish. This is to provide as qualitative and productive education as possible. We follow the Swedish curriculum for the subject of Swedish language, and all courses are developed and designed by trained and experienced Swedish teachers.

Courses Svenska Distans is aimed mainly for the Swedish children aged 6-12 years living and studying abroad. Our Svenska Distans learning courses work perfectly for children who generally want to strengthen their Swedish language skills as well as for those who want to follow the Swedish documentation for compulsory education in the subject Swedish. In order to participate in any of the following courses (aside from the summer school) it is required to have a computer as well as an Internet access. Our courses are based on the fact that the child has a Swedish-speaking adult nearby. This person supervises the student through the exercises with the support from Svenska Distans.  

Web Packages Standard Online course is 100% web-based. The student follows his or hers individually designed study curriculum and complete the assignments and exercises from the  best Internet-based teaching materials that you can currently find on the market. Prices for Web packages: 12 months 2900 SEK (+ VAT) 6 months 1900 Sek (+ VAT)  

Standard We start with a scanning of your child’s knowledge of the subject Swedish language. Your child will receive materials consisting of textbooks and educational software. We do regular check-ups and follow-ups and we coach your child towards our set goals. Prices for Standard packages: 12 months 5200 Sek (+ VAT ) 6 months 3900 SEK (+ VAT ) Free shipping of the materials!

Summer School Svenska Distans has a partnership with SSHL and Falsterbo Training Center (at Skanör Skane) where we each summer have interesting intensive courses in Swedish language. Our courses are aimed for children aged 6 to 12 years old who need to strengthen and improve their Swedish language skills. The kids are still small and therefore we have chosen to have adult support during the course. The accompanying adult is responsible for the child from 17.00 each day.

2 – 6 juli Göteborg, 6-13 år (Hindåsgården konferans och SPA)
9 – 13 juli Falsterbo, 6-13 år (Falsterbo kursgård)
16 – 20 juli Sigtunaskolan, 6-12 år
23 – 27 juli Sigtunaskolan, 6-12 år                                    
16 – 20 juli Ulricehamn, 6-12 år
16 – 27 juli Ulricehamn, 13-17 år
30 juli – 3 augusti Gotland, 6-13 år (Toftastrand)

Prices: Price: 9900 kronor for a week, (excluding VAT). Tuition, meals, snacks, lodging and activities are included in the fee . For those who choose not to stay at the boarding school or the hotel, but choose to only participate during the school day activities, the price is 4900 SEK per week including lunch ( excluding VAT).

In the event of cancellation, the following applies : 100 % back for cancellations made not later than 3 months before the course starts 50 % back  for cancellations made not later than 2 months before the course starts 25 % back for cancellations made not later than 1 month before the course starts No refund if canceled one month or less before the course starts.

For questions or registration, please contact Svenska Distans via or sign up directly under the  link ”anmälan” .

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